Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the wind? what wind?

It's been ages since I've written anything, from running about to figuring out the next step...time hasn't really been kind to me, if at all.

Now that I have some time to sit down and ponder what really happened, and what is happening...it's rather overwhelming and understated at the same time. Coming back to the life I knew for the past 8 years was different this time around.

Perhaps it's the people I've known ? Perhaps it's my perception about people around here? After 2 months I feel like I know even less now. Is that even possible? It's mind-boggling.

Oh, the nerve, for me to think that time would freeze. I certainly missed a lot of happenings here, at work and outside of work...and I barely know where to pick up here.

Everything has been a blur for weeks, as the world passes by..it's like living in a time lapse world, only in reverse.

Been getting advise from close friends me, and it's encouraging, as reality gave me a big smack to the head. Oh, growing up on the fast track isn't what I thought it would be.
Instead of cuddly puppies let loose on you, it's mad cows.

Going where the wind blows, is that foolish? Especially when plans don't quite work out here many times.

So, life, humor me a bit, will ya? I still believe in miracles.


Eric Martin sounds like he's never aged one bit...

Mr Big - Goin where the wind blows

Someone said life is for the taking
Here I am with my hand out waiting for a ride
I've been living on my great expectations
What good is it when I'm stranded here
And the world just passes by
Where are the signs to help me get out of this place

If I should stumble on my moment in time,
How will I know?
If the story's written on my face, does it show?
Am I strong enough to walk on water
Smart enough to come in out of the rain?
Or am I a fool going where the wind blows (wind blows)?

Here I sit halfway to somewhere
Thinking about what's in front of me and what I left behind
On my own, supposed to be so easy
Is this what I've been after
Or have I lost my mind?
Maybe this is my chance and it's coming to take me away, yeah

If I should stumble on my moment in time,
How will I know?
If the story's written on my face, does it show?
Am I strong enough to walk on water
Smart enough to come in out of the rain?
Or am I a fool going where the wind blows (wind blows)?

Here I am walking naked through the world
Taking up space, society's child
Make room for me, make room for me,
make room for me

Am I strong enough to walk on water?
Smart enough to come in out of the rain?
Or am I a fool
Going where the wind blows (where the wind blows),
Going where the wind blows?

(lyrics taken from here)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Love you, dad

These past few weeks had been quite challenging, sudden changes and such. I'm just barely moving on.

Rest in peace, dad.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Heavy rain, light internet traffic

Ever since I was back, the weather still bothers me. The rain, even more so. We went down to Kuala Lumpur on one Thursday evening, to send one of our friends to the US Embassy early next morning for some official business, and we were caught in a very heavy downpour on the way in.

It was fairly noisy in the car, though it is an aging car to begin with, with barely adequate tire threads, a broken AC and wipers that smears dirt all over the windscreen. That's when we realized a clear view through the windscreen is by far, the most important factor, regardless of the age of the car. That was a fun trip and ride though, and of course we all made it fine there and back home, mixed with sweat and clingy clothing. I'm just glad we have 4 wheels to get the job done...kept the driver on her feet too, literally.

Had a nightmare on the way home  which almost took place after I woke up from a sudden shudder in the car, which I kept to myself, obviously, since we were still on the road. Wasn't a pleasant way to wake up, I must say.

Wasn't in the mood to pen anything down, although I had it all written out in my wandering mind as I travelled through Singapore. I'm saving all those up during my heck-of-a-long-7-hour transit in Heathrow in 2 weeks time.

Time do fly. The internet, that still crawls here.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Let there be internet! and I'm almost home

This is the glorious Airbus A380, which brought me on a 12.5 hour journey from Heathrow to Singapore. Of course I'm typing this out from Singapore, burning time away, as I have free internet (access was given from the information counter and valid for 4 hours). And I have 5 more hours to waste.

I have to say though, the massive hunk of people carrier does feel a lot more spacious, even though the seats were as tiny as usual. There's 10 people sitting across, with the 3-4-3 formation! But the extra space in between the seating groups gives it a pleasant ambiance. Though, it's equally as noisy. I had to turn the given headset up by a few notches, but they distort at that level. Any lower, and I can't hear the dialogues in the movies...oh well, I should have brought my own travel adapter for my in-ears.

But look at the amount of emergency exits and rafts on that beast!


And I'm quite fascinated by this...configuration in the lavatory. There's no smoking, but there's an ashtray. It's hilariously strange.


I'm fortunate enough to sit beside an elderly couple from Australia, who just had a trip all around Europe by train and public transport. Such a lovely couple, and I couldn't tell the difference between Australian and British accent. They sounded the same, especially when I flew from Heathrow, so I was baffled when they said they're heading home, and we just flew from Heathrow! They quickly mentioned they're from Australia after seeing the blank look on my face.
We shared some thoughts about family values, different cultures, and them being married for 46 years! I definitely learnt a lot from them during our long flight.

The food was good, in typical Singapore Airlines fashion. This doesn't seem much, but it was wonderful to have something closer to the food I grew up with. And they have REAL metal utensils! None of those rubbish eco-plastic thing that wobbles when it meets some noodles.


My body is still in the eastern time-zone, where it's coming to 9pm now. And it's almost 10am in Singapore, which means I should probably start looking for some food...and gosh they're expensive! Airport food, I guess. Still expensive for some so-called "local" food.

I'm not even back home but plans have already been made to meet up with long-time friends tonight. Must try to stay awake for the night, and get some rest for tomorrow morning's trip to a local island.

My vacation has officially begun!

From Boston to Heathrow

Now that I’m sort of stuck in Heathrow Airport, I might as well keep my mind going…so here I go, blabbering about as I try to stay awake for another hour and a half before boarding the long journey back home. I had a beer before the flight, and 1 during the flight. That did nothing but gave me a headache and I couldn’t even sleep for the entire flight. Lovely.

The first leg of the flight was…interesting. The food from Virgin Atlantic was good, surprisingly…as I’ve gotten use to domestic flights where food costs more than a full meal and I have no idea how food can be that bad. Only airlines can make food from edible to awful.
Thankfully this time around, the peas taste like peas, carrots taste like carrot...the tiramisu taste like tiramisu...only small niggle is the soggy croutons.


The ambiance was inviting, and they sure love their purple. Purple utensils, purple cups, purple hues all over the lighting theme…but that does nothing for their seats. It’s as if I’m seating on sheet rock with a thin cushion. It’s butt-numbing. And for me, it feels a wee bit claustrophobic even by my small size. Can’t imagine it being any comfortable for those who are generously proportioned. Oddly I’ve never observed these during my many trips to Seattle in the past years. Perhaps my expectations increased with their fares? 
At we got Virgin Atlantic's "Feel Good pack"!


Now, waiting in Heathrow’s Terminal 3, it’s bright, lots of expensive brands and liquor shops strewn all over the main area. And oddly enough, the gate isn’t even assigned yet. It’ll be assigned 1 hour before departure…which means they’ll probably start boarding way earlier, given it’s a huuuuuge plane, the Airbus A380. And it could take 10 to 20 minutes in different directions to get there.  I’m sure I won’t be the only one thinking about this, but my mind’s awake but my body is still stuck at 4am. It’s meandering about now.

So here I am, drafting this out since I couldn’t find any free wifi, and I’m refraining from using USD here if I can help it. And my nose is running a marathon now.  At least I was well fed on-board the plane.

All I see is faces of people screaming "I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND". Or they're all just as tired as I am.
And alas...I have internet!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Don't bang head against the glass

Travelling home shouldn't be this stressful, and yet I'm getting anxious about the many things I have to bring home. Though, most of it relates to official business at the embassy.

Logistically, I'm prepared, perhaps, but the un-easy feeling lingers at the back of my mind...hinting that I'm forgetting something, something I have to do at work, or some documents that I'll need back home. Banging my head against the wall probably isn't a good idea too...even after spending few hours doing work from home just now, I'm still anxious and restless.

Since I ran out of games to play, I decided to kill some time here with random some tunes playing in the background...while having a sip of the Glenfiddich 15 year-old whisky I have left.
So, yes, this is going to be another shallow, pointless post.

I was rather disappointed after making a trip to Walmart, in hopes of picking up a Nexus 10 tablet. They had none, and nobody seems to know when it'll even arrive at local stores, now that some variants are officially sold out through Google's play store. Just...wow.
Perhaps a Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage sounds like a decent present for myself then. I have another day to decide. Then again I would be regretting it few weeks down the road, wouldn't I ?

I'll just have to get some magazines and reading materials for my transit through Heathrow airport and Singapore's Changi.
Gosh, I do sound like a spoilt brat now, despite having a laptop with me.


I didn't realize how much of my work would affect some people, after going over my daily tasks and maintenance routine with colleagues to prepare them for my departure. It's as if I spoke Greek to them, but then again I am the only person exposed to those programs and maintenance routines. This is going to be a fun month for them. I can see myself emailing them back and forth from halfway around the world, whether I like it or not. Don't have the heart to leave people hanging.

Some colleagues told me to let it go, just don't think about work. Easy for them to say, when they have other people covering for them for the same responsibilities...I don't. I feel responsible for anything that goes wrong, because, well, it affects other people and it isn't their fault to begin with.
One of those moments where I try to hold-on to certain principles....even though others don't.

I don't want to grow up! All the responsibilities without the perks. I'd rather be spending time and energy on people who matters than work.


This amazing person is part of the reason why I continued playing guitar...There's other reasons too, but that's for another time.

Tommy Emmanuel - Since We Met

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pan fried in summer...

A few more days, and I guess it's time to admit, I'm quietly looking forward to going home, no matter how foreign it may be to me now...perhaps the years have taken its toll. And the fact that I'm not exactly a fan of flying for long hours in a row...well, okay, nobody is. It's mind-numbingly boring, and I can't read anything on a plane, or Mr Headache would pay me a visit.

And yet, secretly, again, I'm looking forward to a trip on the Airbus A380...I'll see how "better" it is compared to the other flagships out there. Some have told me it it's quieter, that maybe a good thing, but with hundreds of people around me, I'm going to need earplugs.

If timing works out well, I might be able to pick up the new Google Nexus 10 tomorrow! Been looking forward to picking up an "open" tablet, that would have strong backing from the famed XDA forumers. Oh boy, am I going to broke as a joke even before I leave for my vacation.

But I want to feel like a little kid who got an early Christmas present! Who wouldn't want to feel that way ?

I can feel the heat even before I leave..I'll be dripping in sweat and showering numerous times a day. Eggs would swivel and crack at their own will, in that kind of heat.

And I know it's time to stop when I forgotten what I wanted to type out. Oh, old me. Time to grab the guitar and strum some good ol' tunes.


This old song brings back memories but it's still as lovely as the first day I heard it. Kept me occupied and work the whole day too.

Joe Hisaishi - Summer